Company history

In 1940, the private citizen Carl Steinmann founded a company to manufacture grass collector nets. After the war, he expanded the company to manufacture plastic films for the automotive industry.

From these beginnings, the company Carl Steinmann Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH was founded on 1 February 1980. The range of products includes tool bags made of leather and synthetic leather as well as plastic films. It is the stated objective to rationalise the company, which to date has tended more to be characterised by craftsmanship, and introduce industrial production methods.

Production capacity was further increased during the years between 1981 and 1987. Newly developed

products lead to striking increases in turnover. In the meantime ,the range of products has grown to include waterproofing films, carpet protector films, covers for gear levers and handbrake levers, tool bags as well as stamped and deep-drawn parts made of thermoplastic and elastomers.

In 1985, the two operations in Wuppertal and Remscheid were combined in the building belonging to the Heyco Group.

In 1991, the company developed an SPVC film with polyurethane foam and a self-adhesive coating to prevent water ingressing into the interior of the passenger compartment and also provide additional soundproofing. 1997 saw the beginnings of a new production line

“assembling injection moulded parts for cabriolet applications”.

In 2002, the production area in Remscheid was extended by
1,200 m².

In 2006, a three-axis butyl system was installed to modernise the adhesive production.

In 2011, an ultra-modern laser system was installed in the press room.